Brand Development & Messaging

digital-icon_largeAt greene marketing, we strongly believe in a brand-based approach to marketing that differentiates your company, products or services from the competition and effectively conveys the benefits and value you offer. Without clear brand differentiation, customers tend to make their selection primarily based on price. Before developing communication strategies and beginning the creative process, we first ensure that a strong brand has been developed.

Our Brand Development Process

greene marketing’s approach to discovering the right brand and marketing message is different from many others’. Most people just look outside into the market to determine customers’ needs and desires. Then they decide on a brand that addresses those issues. This may sound good on the surface, but most everyone else does the same thing. The result is that their brands all say pretty much the same thing, even though their taglines may be different. It also makes a brand promise that may not fit the company’s capabilities and assets very well.


To establish true differentiation and a high-value message, we first look inside your company to identify the unique set of characteristics and advantages only you can offer. We combine this information with market research and knowledge to identify your set of key marketing points, which are also consistent with customer needs and preferences.

This is the foundation of the brand and marketing message we develop, which by definition is unique to your company. Following are key benefits of a strong brand:

  • DIFFERENTIATION – separates you from the competition and conveys the compelling reasons why customers should select your company and offerings.
  • VALUE – it creates a perception of a higher value than a company without a strong brand.
  • LOYALTY – it develops greater loyalty to your company, increasing referrals, positive reviews and repeat business.
  • IMAGE – the right brand will increase your visibility, creating a stronger, more positive image within your target market. This will help attract and keep the kind of clients, employees and partners you are targeting.


With the right brand and key marketing points in place, we develop compelling messaging that engages and energizes customers to select your company, products and services. Effective messaging begins with an overview summary marketing message and extends to highly specific messages that hit home with your target market segments and customers.

Messaging is also a dynamic process that continually fine-tunes communications based on a variety of factors including tracking, analysis and effectiveness. When using digital tools, messages can be updated on nearly a real-time basis. Throughout the process, however, messaging will always be based on established brand and key marketing points to ensure effectiveness and consistency.

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