Brand-Based Marketing

At greene marketing, we strongly believe in a brand-based approach to marketing that differentiates your company, products and services from the competition and effectively conveys the unique set of characteristics and advantages you offer. Before developing communication strategies and beginning the creative process, we first ensure that a strong brand is in place that will impact your customers. Read more.


Fresh Creative

Getting people’s attention is harder than ever before. Getting them to engage is even more difficult. Reaching the right customers with the right message is essential, but it takes more than that. You have to be different, interesting . . . fresh. Fresh creative comes from new ways of looking at things. We take our marketing challenges apart and find that special angle and creative approach that will jump out from the clutter and grab the audience. Fresh creative gets noticed.

Integrated Campaigns

The number of ways people get information has skyrocketed. Getting your message in front of your target customers means being in the right place at the right time. That takes an integrated marketing campaign that includes the right promotional mix. It could include a combination of anything from television and radio to digital, social media and public relations. greene marketing can create and implement the right integrated campaign for your business needs.


Everyone loves great creative and innovative campaigns, but they have to deliver the desired results to be successful. That is why we start each campaign with clearly established objectives, and we do everything we can to reach our goals. Whenever possible, we design tracking and analytics into the development process and measure results along the way so that we can fine-tune the campaign, if necessary. At the conclusion, we determine the campaign’s success to help guide future activities.

Extraordinary Client Experience

According to color analysts, “green is the color of balance and harmony” and “the equilibrium between the head and the heart.” We think that describes us to a T. At greene marketing, we believe that an important part of our job is to make the marketing experience as positive as possible for our clients. We do that through effective listening, proactive communications and superior performance. We also have a great sense of humor and believe in making the process fun. The end result is a truly exceptional client experience.